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Conversations with the Inspiring Rachel Leyco

VoyageLA Magazine, 2018

“When you are unapologetically you, the world listens. And most importantly, treat yourself with all of the love you give to everyone and everything else. Take care of yourself first and foremost. When we know who we are, we know where we need to go and what work we need to do.”

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Rachel Leyco Bridges The Diversity Gap In Her Latest Short Film

HuffPost Outspeak, 2017

Speaking with Outspeak, Leyco discussed her latest film, which she wrote, produced, and directed. “‘Bicultural’ follows the story of a second-generation Filipina-American, who feigns a heterosexual relationship until her conservative family pressures her into marriage, her secret girlfriend gives an ultimatum.” The director continued, “My character is attempting to bridge the gap between her Asian identity and her American identity, within the narrative of faith and sexual orientation.”

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Actors and Filmmakers Talk Hollywood Whitewashing

HuffPost Outspeak, 2017

Luckily there are people like Constance Wu, Kal Penn, and the ever-loveable George Takei, among others in the industry, who are fighting for equal representation. Adding to that list is actress and YouTuber Rachel Leyco who actively speaks out against Hollywood’s casting problems on her channel

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Short Film Empowers Bystanders to Prevent Sexual Assault

HuffPost Outspeak, 2017

On her YouTube channel, Leyco actively speaks out about issues that plague the American entertainment industry. She’s one of many young actors fed up with an antiquated system, and “Say Something” is her latest effort to bring real world issues into her work. Leyco recently sat down with Outspeak to discuss her new short, rape culture in America, and her upcoming projects

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I Fell: A short film celebrating National Coming Out Day

Adolescent Content, 2017

And it’s in honor of you—all of you—that we are sharing I Fell, a short film directed by Ella Lentini and Rachel Leyco.I Fell is a short film featuring a series of captured iPhone moments and soundbites from a variety of people who identify as LGBTQ. It’s a film about being who you are, loving who you love, and growing into the kind of person you want to be. Happy National Coming Out Day!

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CCH Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Leyco

Columbia College Hollywood Blog, 2017

Recent Columbia College Hollywood graduate and full-fledged filmmaker, Rachel Leyco is taking the film festival circuit by storm with her socially-relevant short, Bicultural. With official selections at the 2017 Houston Asian-American Pacific Islander Film Festival and North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, as well as an award for Best Ensemble at Asians on Film-Winter QuarterBicultural will be premiered at Outfest onJuly 14th and 15th.